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History of Punjab Lok Rang
By Monica Uppal Popli

Punjab Lok Rang, a theater group based in Bay Area, was founded by Surinder Dhanoa in 2006 to preserve and propagate the opulent Punjabi culture, heritage and traditions in this part of California. Since its nascency the group has been successfully presenting a kaleidoscope of plays hinged on thought provoking socially relevant themes that have endeavored to raised awareness and catalyze discussions aimed at facilitating the eradication of evils plaguing the society of people of Indian origin.

Surinder Dhanoa has been tirelessly stoking his passion for Punjabi culture first through Bay Area Punjab Culture Society and then Punjab Lok Rang. Supported by his cast, crew and volunteers he has been successfully presenting his creative enterprises to audiences in India and USA.

Heralding the group's presence "Mitti Rudan Kare" written by Baldev Singh Moga, was staged amidst wide applause at San Jose's Montgomery theter in 2006. The play highlighted the stigma of drug abuse by the youth of today. In their second endeavor, Punjab Lok Rang's collaborative efforts showcased the predicaments faced by a mother and daughter and the dark shadows cast on their life by certain "inappropriate choices" made at the forks in the road of life's journey. Prof. Sarabjit Aulakh was the playwright of this play named "Sardal ke Aarpaar" that was performed in 2007.

A religious satire dedicated to the commemoration of the 300th anniversary of the Khalsa Panth, "Guru Manyo Granth" penned by locally based writer Jaspreet Singh, was staged in 2009. Punjab Lok Rang once again dazzled the audience with its rhetoric and panache through a play steeped in history. In 2010,"Gaddar Express" written by Prof. Atamjit earned appreciation of the audience. Dr. Jaspal Singh, Vice Chancellor of Punjabi University Patiala (Punjab, India) pointed out that it was indeed a matter of great pride for Punjab Lok Rang to have the distinction of being a theater group based in America reviving the significant chapters in the annals of history of Punjab.

Punjab Lok Rang is gearing up for its current production "Patna te Rohan Kahriah" scheduled to be performed on January 8, 2011. The play showcases twists and turns in the life of an immigrant woman enduring a conspiracy of cirumstances. Like all previous plays, this drama has also been specifically written for Punjab Lok Rang. All plays have been first staged in the Bay Area before being performed elsewhere. Prof Sarabjit Aulakh,the playwright is scheduled to attend the performance to be held at Chabot College, Hayward.

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